By Lorena Guerrero, UWO Peer Wellness Educator

When it comes to being a college student, being productive is a necessary, but it can be hard to stay on top of everything. Sometimes, it can seem so overwhelming that we just procrastinate. In the past, I would wait until the last minute to study for an exam or to write a paper. Once I realized that my tendency to procrastinate was negatively affecting my grades, I knew I had to find ways to be more productive without being so stressed all the time. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with productivity, so hopefully, by sharing some of the tips I found in my research, you can start to be more proactive about school.

Tip #1: Natural Light

Letting more natural light into your study or workplace seems simple enough and has benefits along with it. It may sound very strange, a Natural Light and Productivity article by Nastaran Shishegar stated, “[a] multitude of surveys have indicated that daylight impacts the health and performance of children in schools and that students’ health, satisfaction, attention, and consequently performance are improved in the classrooms with the help of natural light.”  (Shishegar). The reason for this is because out of the many different sources of lighting, sunlight is the most effective at boosting productivity because it comprises an adequate quantity and a broad spectrum of light. This states that natural light is usually a human’s biological clock to understanding when to feel awake and when not to. In addition, it is the most important source of vitamin D which is necessary for human bones strength and overall health.

Tip #2: Surround Yourself with Color

Going along with natural light, simply surrounding yourself with brightening colors can help too! It has similar effects as to being surrounded by natural light. The article “Relationships Between Color and Emotion: A Study of College Students” stated “the color green attained the highest number of positive responses (95.9%). closely followed by yellow (93.9%).” Maybe we didn’t think that green and yellow were cute, but maybe buying Green Bay Packer gear to brighten up your room as well as your productivity.

Tip #3: Take Breaks With Others

Another tip is to start taking breaks with multiple people. This is proven to boost productivity according to a study conducted by Humanyze (formerly Sociometric Solutions), a Massachusetts-based management services business. The study tracked employees at a Bank of America call center for three months, and found a 15% to 20%  bump in productivity, a decrease in turnover from 40% to 12%, and a 19% drop in stress levels among employees who were allowed to take breaks together. These communal breaks gave employees the opportunity to let off steam and share tips about customer service, reported. Even though this study was more opted towards employees, the findings are just as applicable to students. We all know that study breaks is actually an important to take, and maybe taking a break with others will help even more!

People in a Meeting and Single Word Productivity

Tip #4: Finding Other Tips

I hope these three tips will help impact your productivity as much as they have for me thus far. Another alternative that has helped has been aromatherapy oils in an oil diffuser and setting it near your desk. If none of these end up helping, than just try doing your own research and figuring what works best with you. All of us are different, and some of these may work for you, but some may not. Take initiative to be more productive so you can finish strong this semester!